1. FSB - FA - Open Energy Report Cover

    Open Energy – report published by Federation of Small Business

    In 2018, the Federation of Small Business commissioned Fingleton Associates to undertake a report into the use of open APIs and other open data standards in the energy sector, with a particular focus on the SME energy market. Our report argues that smart meters will substantially increase the volume of data available, but that the […]

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  2. The energy market needs a Competition Commission investigation

    If our politicians genuinely want to make the UK energy market perform more effectively, and to serve UK consumers, they should support a reference of the market by Ofgem, the energy regulator, to the Competition Commission (CC). This is the proven and established approach for addressing competition problems, and it is regrettable that Ofgem has […]

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  3. Why freezing energy prices is a bad idea

    Ed Milliband’s proposal (if elected) to freeze prices from 2015 and re-structure the market has a number of serious problems. First, it is very unlikely to work in practice. It is very difficult to regulate retail prices to consumers when the wholesale price is so variable. California tried it a decade ago with disastrous results. […]

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